Have you ever wondered why do cats like looking out through the windows? Well, when I was a kid, I had a theory about why cats like windowsthat they are just bored. And while my conjecture was somewhat reasonable, I realized that there are other reasons as to why our indoor cats stay by the windowsill.

Nine Reasons Why Do Cats Like Windows

Here are the nine most common reasons why cats enjoy lounging by the window: 

1. Cats look out the window to watch rodents

Why Do Cats Like Windows

If you are a fur-parent, you probably have heard your cat chatter and twitter. Yeah, not twitter as in the twitter app, but tweet and chirp like a bird. Studies say that cat chirping and chattering is a wild cat hunting technique. In fact, a researcher from the Wildlife Conservation Society suggested that cats do that to mimic prey by manipulating their voices. However, this behavior merits further research.

2. They want to play with curtains and window blinds

cat hanging on the curtain

Cats usually find curtains or window blinds entertaining. Some kitties do a nice curtain climb, others find it fun to chew blinds. Not only that, loose threads and curtain cords look a lot like cat toys, aren’t they?

3. Cats like to lick windows

cat licking glass

Licking comes naturally to most cats. Besides licking to groom themselves, they like to lick whatever stuff that has water in it. Windows may not have flowing water, but when the weather is cold, condensation happens, and window glasses get wet. It’s a fact, cats will lick or drink water from anywhere in the room, but their own expensive good water bowls or drinking fountains!

4. They are curious little creatures

curious cat likes windowsill

Our kitties are curious little creatures. Need us to say more? Well, cats are curious little creatures. Period.

5. Cats love seeing birds

cats looking at a bird through the window

Besides rodents, there are other animals that cats find interesting—including (of course, not the least)…birds. They like to see birds by the window, not just because they are yummy-looking. But because the birds’ movement and their colorful feathers capture every feline’s attention.

I might add, it is probably the reason why most cat toys look like birds.

6. Our feline friends like to feel the breeze too

cat looking out of the window

When we said cats like looking through the windows, it didn’t necessarily mean that it is limited to closed windows or glass windows. Why? Because cats like open windows too. Just as you don’t like to continually breathe indoor/recirculated air, neither do our kitties. If it worries you that your cat escapes from an open window, you can build a catio (enclosed cat patio).

So, when the weather permits, open your windows. Who wouldn’t want a gentle breeze wafting through your house? I’m sure it will be beneficial not just for your cats, but for you too. Especially if there is a smelly cat poop, an open window is probably the best idea.

7. They like to catch flies and insects

cat trying to catch insect on windowsill near window

Cats hunt insects like their wild cousins. No, do not think about frogs. Instead, think about cheetah, jaguar, puma, leopard, lion, lynx, and tiger. They hunt prey and feed on them. And, our domestic kitty cats are no exemption. But since there is no other prey besides rodents and birds, our cats settle for flies and insects. After all, some cats do relish munching tiny insects and arthropods like spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, ants, and the like.

8. Cats like to intimidate dogs

Reasons Why Do Cats Like Windows: Cats like to intimidate dogs

We all know that cats love to be the queen and the center of the universe. And while many cats and dogs live together in harmony, some cats do not agree. Instead, these bossy felines prefer to intimidate dogs who are on the other side of the window. It may not be accurate for other cats, but my kitty is one of those who enjoy staying on our windowsill to tease dogs passing by.

9. They like to watch over everything

cat looking out the window

We know all too well how much cats like windows. Most of them even seem to stay on the windowsill full-time. If you haven’t noticed it yet, take a break from your daily routine and observe how your cats wistfully look out through the window—watching the swaying trees and colorful sunsets. After all, it’s not just humans who like to marvel at sunset’s beautiful play of colors or graceful movements that trees offer.

Does your cat enjoy looking out of the window? What do you think are the reasons why cats like to stay by the windowsill? Share your thoughts and comments below!


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