Important Cat Holidays You Should Be Aware Of

Well, cats don’t usually speak up and say, “Hey, meowmy, it’s National Hug Your Cat Day, so give me a hug, and let’s celebrate!” And, just because our feline friends do not officially celebrate their holidays as we do, it does not mean we should forget them and miss out these important cat holidays!

It might be surprising to some, but did you know that there are many fur-ents and cat lovers from all over the globe who celebrate cat-related holidays on an annual basis? Yes, it’s true! Organizations such as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) celebrate these kinds of holidays. There are times when they host and set up events and campaigns to raise awareness, such as spaying or neutering, travel safety, poison prevention, anti-cruelty, adoption, and a lot more. Other activities also help spread some cheer among soon-to-be cat parents and current kitty owners.

Here, we have listed cat-related holidays that we have collected by browsing thousands of books and websites. Most of them are officially honored worldwide, while others are not yet official. And instead of giving you quite a headache with a long list of holidays, we just included the most basic and important cat holidays you should be aware of.

Quick Look: Important Cat Holidays

Important Cat Holidays You Should Be Aware Of

January 2 National Pet Travel Safety Day

This event is not just for cats. So whether you own a cat, kitten, dog, puppy, or all of them, then it’s their travel safety day!

Important Cat Holidays - pet travel safety

Traveling with pets is fun, but it is also challenging and risky. National Pet Travel Safety Day promotes our furry friends safe on the road or while flying on a plane. Spreading this information is an excellent way to remind pet parents to become more aware and responsible for their pets. But keep in mind that keeping your pets safe should not only be done every January 2nd! You have to make sure they are safe every day!

FebruaryNational Cat Health Month

National Cat Health Month usually occurs every February, and various organizations celebrate this event to promote awareness and focus on the health and wellness of our furry feline friends.

national cat health month

In recognition of this event, we recommend that cat owners make time to set an appointment for an annual veterinary check-up. As well as other ways to help your cat have a healthier, happier, and longer life.

But of course, don’t wait for February to bring your cat for a check-up!

February 27 – World Spay Day

Aside from the celebration of National Cat Health Month, the Humane Society facilitates awareness campaign such as spaying or neutering. This event occurs annually every last Tuesday in February. 

world spay day

World Spay Day helps promote spaying or neutering as a means of saving stray or feral cats as well as street dogs in the community. Instead of putting down and killing these animals, they are trapped, neutered, and released to live outdoors.

MarchPoison Prevention Month

Pet Poison Awareness Month falls every March each year. Various organizations and animal hospitals use this month to provide seminars or training to teach pet owners about poison prevention, control, and first aid treatments.

poison prevention month

Initially, Poison Prevention was designated by the Congress in 1961 every March 16th-22nd. Over the years, the event was expanded to a month-long celebration to raise awareness about poison prevention. Organizations include topics about poisonous plants and toxic substances at home as well as the dangers they possess to pets.

AprilPrevention of Cruelty To Animals Month

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has named April Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. It is one of the most important events among pet lovers and pet welfare organizations. Each year, various groups facilitate grassroots fundraising events and seminars to improve the lives of animals.

prevention of cruelty to animals

Sometimes tagged as the “Go Orange Month” for animals, animal shelters use this month to gather donations and supplies for rescue animals. They also have adoption events to help forgotten animals find a loving family and a new home.

April 6National Siamese Cat Day

The 6th of April is National Siamese Cat Day! Siamese cats also called “Meezers” is one of the most popular cat breeds in every corner of the world.

national siamese day

Siamese cats are one of the oldest, most elegant breeds in the world. They are known for their distinctive appearance and blue eyes. Also, their coats vary from lilac, orange, cream, brown, and even blue—depending on their genetics and climate.

June 4National Hug Your Cat Day

As a fur-parent and fellow meowmy, we know that it is much much sweeter when we hug our cats every day. However, it has been decided to have an unofficial holiday for National Hug Your Cat Day. 

Hug Your Cat Day

This day is a purr-fect opportunity for all cat owners and parents to express extra love and care to every feline companion.

JuneAdopt a Shelter-Cat Month

June, a month that marks the peak of “kitten season,” when cats go in heat and give birth to millions of kittens, is a month dedicated to promoting adoption of shelter-cats. Instead of letting these cats fill an overcrowded shelter or roam the streets, SPCA’s put felines for adoption.

Adopt a Shelter-Cat Month

National Adopt a Cat Month or Adopt a Shelter-Cat Month encourages us to consider giving shelter-cats a home that they can call their own.

August 8International Cat Day

International Cat Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002. It is a holiday to not only celebrate the friendship between cats and humans, but also to advocate for their health, safety, and well-being.

International Cat Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Cat Day or International Cat Day. Some people visit cat cafes, volunteer at cat shelters, donate to cat charities, or adopt homeless kittens.

August 22Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Responsible cat owners do not need a special holiday to bring their cats for a check-up at the veterinary office. Although, it may be a perfect opportunity to get a routine check-up for cats because some vet clinics offer free examination during this unofficial holiday.

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

This day is important because even with so many pet-loving homes, many cats are not receiving regular annual check-ups they need.

SeptemberHappy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month is an unofficial holiday that promotes awareness to ensure an environment for a happy kitty. Many people celebrate this month to remind themselves that cats should also live a healthy, happy, enriched, and valued life.

Happy Cat Month

Some organizations host events during this month to teach cat owners on how to provide entertainment, promote wellness, and keep feline companions safe and happy at home.

Wondering how you can keep your cats healthy and happy? Why not provide them the best cat tree towers? Giving them one is a good way to keep your adorable kittens with an active lifestyle

October 16National Feral Cat Day

October 16 has been designated as the National Feral Cat Day—a day dedicated to giving attention to cats living outdoors.

National Feral Cat Day

It’s a day intended to raise awareness about free-roaming cats and promote TNR, short for trap-neuter-return, the only humane way of minimizing the number of outdoor/feral cat populations.

If you are thinking about ways to help feral cats, you can help them by setting up outdoor heated cat house, so they won’t freeze during the cold months!

October 27National Black Cat Appreciation Day

The National Black Cat Appreciation Day aims to dispel all the myths related to black cats. Why? Statistics show that black cats are less likely to be appreciated or adopted. And just like other black animals, they always get shunned.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

But, superstitions aside, black cats are cute, loving, and adorable. Even if they are blamed for misfortune or linked with witches, they are not bad at all. In fact, they respond to attention and love no differently than other cats.

NovemberAdopt a Senior Pet Month

November is a month dedicated to helping senior pets in finding loving parents and homes. Cat shelters across the country try to help older furry felines get adopted during this month.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month

But, if you are looking to adopt a senior cat, you don’t have to wait until November to go to the shelter and take one home! If you can’t, tell someone they can or at least share why senior cats make great pets.

Your Cat’s Birthday!

Of course, we will never forget to add the most special holiday of the year—your cats birthday!

your cat's birthday

This special day, be sure to celebrate it by giving some new cat toys or tasty treats. If you just adopted your cat from a shelter or did not know his or her exact birthdate, you can just set it on the day you welcomed his or her into your home!

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