It’s the beginning of -ber months, and Christmas is fast approaching. In the blink of an eye, it will be Christmas eve, so it’s better to start looking at various gift ideas for the cat lovers in your life.

Of course, everyone has at least that one friend or loved one who is a dedicated cat lover. Whether posting daily (or hourly!) Facebook or Instagram photos about cats or adopting stray kittens whenever they see one is their hobby or not, truly, crazy cat individuals treat their cats as a member of the family. And, with so many pet products in the market, it is quite challenging to pick one purr-fect gift from a long list of cool, great gifts for our feline-loving friends.

To help you pick the best gift for cat lovers this holiday season, we have rounded up 10 top-rated gifts for every cat lover in your life. If you are looking for best gift ideas, from pet supplies, or cat care products to travel accessories, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is set a budget, continue browsing, and check the links for special offers and promos!

Quick look: 10 Best Gift Ideas for the Cat Lovers in your Life

Here is a quick look at the top ten heated cat houses for sale in the marketplace:

  1. Cat Inspired Comfortable Cotton Socks — Most affordable Gift for Cat Lovers
  2. Cat Litter Mat — Best Gift for Cat Lovers under $50
  3. Drinking Fountain — Most Practical Gift for Cat Lovers
  4. Cat Scratcher Lounge — Best Gift for Fur-ents with Active Cats
  5. Cat Playground  — Best Gift for Cat Lovers Under $150 
  6. Pet Backpack Carrier with Wheels — Best Gift for Cat-parents who Loves Traveling
  7. Pet Feeder — Best Gift for Cat Lovers with Multiple Cats at Home
  8. Hanging Bridge and Climbing Activity — Most Elegant and Stylish Gift Idea
  9. Self-flushing Litter Box — Best Gift for Trendy Cat Lovers
  10. Automatic Self-cleaning Litter Box — Best High-tech Gift for Cat Lovers

Best Gift Ideas for the Cat Lovers in your Life

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers Below $50:


Who doesn’t love cute socks? It is a practical gift idea that can be used anytime or anywhere. It is cozy and can help someone you love to get over the winter blues. Wrapping a pair of socks is like giving a friendly hug. As cute as designed socks are, the prices don’t really cause a hole in your pocket or break your bank.

Ambielly Cute Cat Designed
Women’s Casual Comfortable Cotton Crew Socks

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If you need a cheap cat-related gift this Christmas, buy Ambielly Cute Cat Design Casual Comfortable Crew Socks! It’s practical and will fit your budget because you can buy a set for less than $20! It is the perfect gift for every season. It can be used at home, work, or just for daily wear.


Cats don’t really care about their surroundings. When they poop, they try to cover it up by burying it under the cat litter granules. However, most cats spread litter pellets everywhere they go. It might be unintentional, but of course, it is better to have something to reduce the litter from being scattered all around the house.

A cat litter mat can actually catch all that cat litter mess!

In order to avoid litter spreading all over the house, a mat can be placed near the cat litter box so that the litter that gets stuck on the cute little cat paws can be trapped on litter lock mesh.

Pawkin Phthalate Free Cat Litter Mat

Patented Design with Litter Lock Mesh – Extra Large, Gray

gift ideas for the cat lovers who loves cleanliness

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Pawkin Phthalate-Free Cat Litter Mat is made of high-quality material and is designed to last a lifetime. It is laboratory tested to ensure that it is non-toxic for both cats and hoomans. The mesh design keeps the litter off the floor, and it also allows quick release for easy cleaning by shaking it out or by using a vacuum.

It works great, and besides that, the company offers 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. Indeed, this item is one of the best gift ideas for all the cat-lovers in your life!


While some cats happily drink from one hooman’s glass to another, many indoor cats refuse to drink water. Why? Simply because domesticated cats are picky drinkers and do not have an instinct to crave for water. Wild, outdoor cats, on the other hand, are trained to catch live prey such as birds or mice, which give them the moisture they need.

To help your fur-loving friends entice their cats to drink lots of water, give them a cat drinking fountain. The flow of water on the fountain will please the cats because these little purring creatures believe that standing water is not safe to drink. For cats, running water is much more reliable, which is why cats prefer flowing water.

Catit Flower Fountain 3L

cat fountain - cheapest gift ideas for the cat lovers

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The Catit Flower Fountain has 3 different flow settings which offer maximum oxygenation for fresher water. It can also hold 3 Liters of water but takes up little floor space. The kit includes a dual-action water filter that ensures clean, safe water for drinking and is BPA-Free.

If you are looking for an affordable gift this Christmas to give to your cat-lover friend, take advantage of the promo and order this on Amazon by clicking the link below:

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers From $50 to $100:


Cats, especially the cute little ones we call kittens, spend most of their time sleeping! Why? Because like some humans… they are sleepers by nature. They are not a fan of overexertion and stress. Domesticated cats, in general, spend their life playing, nibbling, upholstering sofa cushions, and sleeping – the last of which takes up the majority of their lifetime.

For this reason, what better gift can we give them aside from a lounge that is specially made for them?

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
(Walnut Brown)

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The PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is a perfect relaxation place for cats. The material that it is made from includes organic catnip leaves – a plant that can make cats very happy. The catnip helps cats calm down, especially if they are anxious from rehoming or if they are in an unfamiliar setting.

The curved design makes it easier for the cats to bend and scratch, which promotes healthy claws and great exercise. It is also safe to use because it is made from recycled cardboard and non-toxic adhesive.

If hoomans have couches and sofa chairs, and beds, why not get something like a cat scratcher lounge for your cats?

Buy this eco-friendly gift for the cat-lover in your life by clicking the link below:

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers From $100 to $150:


Well, cat lovers like to watch their purr-babies jump, climb, and go up and down their cat condo. Cat trees such as pictured below give cats an opportunity to play and use most of their time observing the surrounding area from a higher perspective. Beyond playing, cats can snooze on any of the cat houses, or scratch the posts that are covered in sisal rope.

Fur Haven Tough Double Decker Kitten Playground, Cat House Furniture Tree (Gray)

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 The FurHaven Tiger 5’ 8″ tall cat tower playground cat tree offers multiple levels of enjoyment for cats. It features:

  • two separate cat condos
  • dangling ball
  • a cat play box with holes
  • scratching posts
  • a dangling mouse toy
  • a springy-wand ball cat toy

It is easy to clean – just do some spot-washing with a damp cloth or vacuum when necessary. The bottom base is also large and sturdy to ensure that cats are happy and safe.

This Christmas, surprise your feline-loving friend with the best cat tree tower — a gift that will surely make them happy and loved.

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers From $150 to $200:


Of course, not all of cat lovers prefer to stay indoors. Many “Ailurophiles” (cat lovers) love to go outdoors for hiking, traveling, or camping. And if you are a cat-parent who likes adventures, would you leave your cat behind? Of course not!

That is what cat backpacks and carriers are for! Take a look at the best all-around pet carrier below:

Pet Trolley Backpack – Pet Carrier with Wheels

Pet Trolley Backpack, Space Capsule Out Shoulder Bag Portable Teddy Dog Small Dog Cat Carrier Travel Tote with Wheel (Pink)

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Any cat owner can enjoy the luxury of traveling with their cats by buying a pet carrier such as this. This Traveler Backpack is a pet carrier with wheels that makes traveling easy – just snuggle up your feline friend inside and make your next step towards a fantastic adventure with your cat!

Besides all the functions of all other pet carriers in the market, this Traveler Backpack has a unique semi-sphere window design that allows pets to view the beautiful sights and sceneries from the inside. It has built-in security straps, retractable handle, easy to clean bottom pad, ventilation holes, and a mesh panels. The sturdy wheels make traveling more convenient as it allows cat-owners to use the bag as a trolley.


Some cat lovers have the tendency to get more and more cats. Some people call them cat hoarders, and we understand them because who can resist a cute little creature staring at you as if they are saying “bring me home”? Cats are so cute, adorable, funny, and are very entertaining.

The only concern with having many cats at home is a condition called the ‘Fat Cat Syndrome.’ It happens when one of the cats in a multi-cat household gets overweight due to the free-feeding of food. The meal-eater (especially if he or she is the dominant one among the group), consumes all of his/her food, goes to the next food bowl, and eats all of the other cats’ food.

The solution:

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

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SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is undoubtedly the best gift idea for cat lovers living in a multi-cat household. It will prevent fat cat syndrome, and it will ensure that each pet gets an adequate amount of food, particularly if the cats are on a doctor-prescribed diet. Aside from that, the automatic function that seals the food bowl keeps flies and dirt away from the food and keeps it fresh because it is not continuously exposed to air.

This pet feeder is also compatible with the different types of identification microchips worldwide, and it is powered by 4 x C cell batteries.

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers Over $200:


Isn’t it cool and fun to have some sort of an adventure bridge and wall mounted catwalk for kittens and cats to skulk and relax from above? Besides the entertainment factor, cat bridges and wall mounts are beneficial for cats’ general health.

CatastrophiCreations Deluxe Cat Playplace Hammock
Climbing Activity, Handcrafted Wall-Mounted Cat Tree, Onyx

cat play place gift ideas for the cat lovers

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While hoomans live in a horizontal world, walking and running and reading books and watching tv; cats depend on elevated areas for comfort, safety, exercise and fun. Cats are animals that enjoy seeing everything from a top-view perspective, the reason why they jump unto chairs, hop from one table to another or sit atop a refrigerator. In short, cats do love to be on top of the world. So, if you are looking for an excellent gift for cat lovers, buy them a cat play place and bring out the acrobat talent in them! 


Besides the joy and the thrill that comes along with having a fur-baby cat, there also comes a responsibility called ‘cleaning a poop box.’ Yes, that is another thing. Snuggling with cats is a sure fun thing but scooping the poop in the litter box can be exhausting and a daunting task.

Not to worry though, in the advent of high-tech machines and gadgetry for home appliances, there are also various products to help cat-persons clean litter boxes easily.

If you want to help your loved ones in cleaning the cat’s poop, check out the two popular automatic litter boxes available in the market:

Catgenie 120 Self-washing Self-flushing Cat Box

gift ideas for the cat lovers self cleaning litter box

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CatGenie is known to many cat owners because it works like a regular hooman toilet that has a self-flushing feature. It only requires the use of washable litter granules that act as the regular cat litter except that they can be reused and recycled.

The Catgenie is connected to the home sewage system, which means that cat lovers don’t have to scoop the litter every time the cats poop. The litter box is highly programmable and is user-friendly – a litter clean-up can be scheduled once to four times a day.

Just hook it up to a cold water and a sewage system and voila! Life is now better without scooping the litter box!

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers Over $500:

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If you want to level up and give more privacy to the cat while he/she performs his/her toilet rituals, check the automatic self-cleaning litter box pictured above. This litter box works by moving in a rotating fashion that keeps the litter box clean without the need for scooping the poop.

If you have a large breed of cats, there is no need to worry because this self-cleaning litter box can support cats that weigh up to 20 pounds. It is also ideal for a multi-cat household as it reduces the need for multiple litter boxes. It might be pricey, but as the company’s catchphrase says, the Litter-Robot III Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box will be “the last litter box you will own.”

With litter box this great and innovative, who would need a different one?

So, What are you waiting for? Spoil your feline fanatic friends and loved ones!

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